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Working time adjustment: 5-30 Minutes

Strength: 15 levels

SKU: R-31816pads-36pads

Product Name: 8 modes massager

Power: (No include)AA/DC4.5V

Origin: Mainland China

Mode: 8 modes

Function 2: Pain Relief

Function 1: muscle stimulation

Feature 3: full body massage

Feature 2: tens massage

Feature 1: ems massage

Electrode Pads: 18 pads and 38pads

Brand Name: OPSLEA

Application: Body


Medium frequency physiotherapy is a Kind of treatment method "from external treatment” It works through meridians and acupoints. It passes through the micro Computer controlled low wave simulation of Chinese medicine acupuncture, scraping, cupping, massage techniques. Through the human body meridian system conditioning the whole body, play through the meridian and Qi and blood, coordination Yin Jin, then strong body.

Technical data:

1. Voltage: DC 4.5V

2. Rated working time:5`10`15`20`25`30mins

3. Accessories: 1pc monitor/4pcs sticker pads/2 set of wire/ 1 adapter and USB cable/ manual

How to use

1.Powered by charging or by AA batteries.Please don’t power it by AA batteries and charging together, it will be damaged due to excessive current.

2.Insert the electrode wire plug into the instrumentand connect the electrode pads well. use 4-way wire,connect all 4 pads and stick to one person’s skinor else it may not work successfully Use 2-way wire,connect 2 pads stick to one person’s skin.This massager have two outputs, it can be used by 2 persons at the same time.

3.Long press Open key(upper left side of product )Open massage.

4.This machine is equipped with hammer, massage, kneading, tapping,scrapping, fingering, and eight physiotherapy modes in automatic mode.Free to choose according to individual needs.

5.This machine is equipped with physical therapy for shoulder, knee,hands,feet,legs, ect. it can be used according to personnel needs By choice.

6. “Strong+""Strong-" is the massage strength control keys. Strong+ can regular add the physical strength,Strong- can regular reduce the physical strength.Different person can bear different strength. adjust the strength to what you like or suitable.

7.When the product is working .please paste both side of the physiotheraphy label firmly at the same time to prevent detection of light or no load Hats+.

8.Press the key ON/OFF to stop working.

9.This machine has a 5-30 minute automatic shut down function.The LED screen "time" randomly displays the remaining working hours when the LED screen is used.The screen shows"O"time and the machine automatically stops working.

Those people who suffer from any of the following diseases or are showing any symptoms should not use the electrode pulse massager for low-frequency treatment:

1. Heart disease

2. Users of pacemakers

3. High fever

4. Acute(painful) diseases

5. Abnormal blood pressure

6. Menstruation, pregnancy or after giving birth

7.On or around cuts and/or skin diseases

8. Maligna.nt tumors

9. When the body is wet from bathing/showering or sweat

10.Tuberculous diseases

11. People,receiving medical treatment should consult Physician before using the massager


1.Before use, please stick the electrode pads on the skin before turning on the power supply.

2.During use, do not move the electrode pads up or onto other people.

3.If you feel any discomfort during use, stop using it immediately.

4.Do not use power sources other than rated voltage.

5.Please do not disassemble and repair this machine except for the repair.

6.Do not use in the bathroom,kitchen and other humid or hot places.

7. If the machine stops working too long,please remove the batteryand save it separately.

18/38 Pads 2amp 4 Way Cable 8 Mode Massager Tens EMS Muscle Stimulator Digital

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