Voltage: 220V with EU/UK plug

Raw material input: about 3-5 kg/h

Power: 400W

Power: <600W

Origin: CN(Origin)

Motor power: 200W

Model Number: DL-ZYJ05/DL-ZYJ05A/DL-ZYJ05C/DL-ZYJ12/DL-ZYJ12C

Material: Stainless Steel

Keep working: 12 hours

Certification: CE

Capacity: 2.1-3L

Brand Name: DULONG

Newest Commercial Use Oil Press Machine Stainless Steel Seed Cold Hot Press Oil Mill Machinery Peanut Coconut Oil Extraction

This is one multi-functional home oil press machine(small seed oil extraction machine), you also can use it for small business.

You can use this machine to press almost all kinds of seeds, such as almond, argan seed kernel, black cumin, camellia seed, canola seeds(rapeseeds), castor seeds, cotton seeds, corn germ, edible purple perilla, flax seeds(linen aberdeen), grass seeds, hemp seed, jatropha seeds, jojoba seed, kiwi seed, moringa seeds, neem seed kernel, okra seed, peanuts, pepper(dry), pine nut kernel, platycladi seed, prickly ash seed, pumpkin seed, rosehip seed, safflower seed, schisandra chinensis, sesame(black sesame & white sesame), soybean, sunflower seeds, walnut and macadamia nut. If you want to use it for other seeds, please make inquiry with us.


Olive oil pressing: must remove the core seed and cut the fresh olive into pieces of peanut size, then could feed into this machine, and that is not so easy like other seed oil making.

Family type oil press machine for peanuts, sesame, nuts, corn, vegetable seeds, flaxseeds and so on.

The heating time of the oil press is affected by the ambient temperature. It is preheated for 5-10 minutes in summer and 15-20 minutes in winter.The preheating temperature can be adjusted appropriately according to the specific ambient temperature.

The model of DL-ZYJ05C with temperature control,but DL-ZYJ05/05A without temperature control.


1. Cold pressing ,light oil color, rich nutrition, pure natural oil,

save refining cost;

2. Presscake's protein is damaged lightly,Oil protein will be taken full advantage of.

3. There is no any solvent, acid, alkali, bleaching earth,chemical additives, during the squeezing process;

4. High oil extraction rate;about 2-3 percent higher than old-fashioned equipment.

5. Energy saving and labor saving


Product type:Mini oil press machine

Model name:DL-ZYJ05/DL-ZYJ05C/DL-ZYJ05A

Control mode:Automatic oil press

Application:Family type

Usage:Peanut,beans,sesame,sunflower,sesame,almond etc



Weight:12/11.5 kg

Packing size:56CM*26.5CM*33CM/54*34*24CM

Raw material input:about 3-5 kg/h

Material:304 stainless steel

Keep working:12 hours

Shipping way:by Express

Model name:DL-ZYJ12/DL-ZYJ12C


Motor power:150w

Weight:8.5 kg

Packing size:26*36*26CM

Raw material input:about 3-5 kg/h

Material:304 stainless steel

Keep working:12 hours


1*oil press machine

(1)Turn on heating switch and wait for more than 25 minutes and extend the waiting time appropriately during the cold seasons(never turn it off in pressing oil process).Directly put dry ingredients.

(2)Press the “Pressing” switch and start pressing oil

(3)After pressing ends, hold (don't loosen) “cleaning” switch for more than 20 seconds, and it will be easier to remove the screw and then clean; if you don’t press the cleaning switch, when pressing chamber the cleaning switch, when pressing chamber becomes cold, interior residual slag the cleaning switch, when pressing chamber becomes cold, the interior residualslag harden and pressing rod will be blocked in the pressing chamber and cannot be taken out for cleaning.

(4)In case of power outage during the process, please turn off start switch, and unplug power plug at the same time

continue to press after turning on the heating switch for more than 30 seconds when power is connected

(5)Clean: remove pressing chamber and clean it with edible detergent water Pull out the power plug and store machine in a dry place.

(6) The pressed oil will automatically separate after storing for a night under room temperature 15 degrees above and does not need to filter.


Newest Commercial Use Oil Press Machine Stainless Steel Cold Hot Press Oil Mill