JAKCOM SE3 Professional Sport Wireless Earphone

JAKCOM SE3 Professional Sport Wireless Earphone
Anti-dropping| 10g thin body | IPX4 waterproof
No microphonics | TWS true wireless | 12-hour endurance

MIC, effectively avoiding excessive operation in sports

JAKCOM SE3 Professional Sport Wireless Earphone

  • Professional Sport Earphone No. 1: Fixedness
    SE3 adopts the rear-hanging design, effectively transfers the earphone fulcrum to the external ear bone, so that the earphone has three supporting points under various postures and conforms to the triangular stability principle, thus preventing SE3 from falling off in any intense movement.

    Professional Sport Earphone No. 2: Lightness
    The earphone is made of PEEK special engineering resin of aerospace industry grade, with excellent mechanical properties and very light density characteristics, making a single earphone weighting 10g - equivalent to the weight of two A4 sheets of paper, so wearers may feel thin when wearing it.

    Professional Sport Earphone No. 3: Waterproof
    The whole earphone adopts IPX4 waterproof rate, so whether sweat or rain, will not cause damage to SE3, thus offering more lightsome indoor and outdoor sports experience.

    • Professional Sport Earphone No. 4: No Microphonics
      The adopted TWS true wireless design completely eliminates the weight and friction caused by the traditional earphone wire control in sports and suppresses the "microphonics" (1).

      (1). Microphonics: The vibration generated by earphone cable in sports is directly transmitted to the ear canal through the earphone cable due to external collision or air friction, resulting in unpleasant friction sound.

    Professional Sport Earphone No. 5: Connection Stability
    The built-in TWS dual-connection bluetooth 4.2 chip has stable connection, fast speed and long distance, and is fully compatible with various bluetooth versions of smart devices - mobile phone, tablet, notebook or desktop PC.

    Professional Sport Earphone No. 6: Endurance
    Two 100mA power cells, available up to 12 hours continuous play, 60 minutes fast charging, battery display in iPhone, iPad power. With one charge, SE3 can be used for a week of training plan.

    Professional Sport Earphone No. 7: Sound Quality
    Developed on the basis of AKG374BT technology, and equipped with the 0.5mm thin vibrating diaphragm, SE3 offers excellent sound, broad sound field and surging bass, making you experience touching music performance during sports.

    • Professional Sport Earphone No. 8: Easy Use
      The integrated SE3 earphone adopts the buttons usually located on the traditional earphone cable, making you quickly control music or calls during sports.

    Professional Sport Earphone No. 9: Hands-Free Calls
    Equipped with QuietCommunication2 active sound equalizer and dual-microphone system, it can dynamically adjust background noise and provide clear call effect for you in different environments. Meanwhile, SE3 can also provide you with hands-free services such as calling broadcast.

    Professional Sport Earphone No. 10: Voice Assistant
    As an artificial intelligence voice assistant fully compatible with IOS and ANDROID, it can send voice instructions to mobile phones through SE3 built-in MIC, effectively avoiding excessive operation in sports