JAKCOM BH3 Smart Colorama Headset wireless headphone.


JAKCOM BH3 Smart Colorama Headset

  • [Product introduction]
    JAKCOM BH3 is a smart wearable light-emitting wireless headset with multi-streaming audios and multiple functions.
    The ear part can emit RGB colorful lights.
    All Bluetooth digital devices such as cellphones and computers can be connected under wireless conditions.
    Also, by means of conducting the wired connection of corresponding AUX audio cables, all music resources stored on a TF card or all FM broadcasting stations can be independently played.
    Additionally, it is compatible with various special functions, such as hands-free operation and smart voice assistant.

    [Feature introduction]
    Highlight Classic, Be Focus!
    By combining RGB colorful breathing light with laser CD texture in a cross-boundary manner, the BH classical headset product series can attract radiance and all eyes in the beat of melody.

    Supra-Aural Ergonomic Design
    Viewed from a whole new structural design, the BH3 headset focuses on the optimization of experience for those who wear glasses. This type of breathable, skin-friendly product can be worn for a long time without any pain or discomfort.

    Realize Ingenuity, Strictly Selected Materials!
    Its ear and headband parts contain fibrous protein leather fabric and zero pressure memory foam in line with EN standards, making it comfortable and attractive.

    Audible Hard Skills
    32 mm moving coil unit, Titanium-Covered Compound Diaphragm, TDDC Acoustic System.

    Selection from Hardcore Players
    Equipped with a 3D surround sound decoding module, it can offer more accurate acoustic field information and help players identify their location easier to achieve preemptive opportunities.

    Kickoff a Hearing Feast Anytime, Anywhere
    Equipped with MaxWide theater level sound effects, it can easily be switched into theater mode anytime, anywhere.

    Pure Music, “Quiet” Surroundings!
    By applying active and passive noise reductions, the BH3 brings you into a purer music world without outside interruptions.

    Enjoy Offline Momentos
    With a built-in Hi-Fi independent playing module, it can support a TF storage card of up to 64GB with maximum volume, as well as play multiple music formats.

    More versatile, multipurpose
    Can connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time, and switch audio source automatically.

    All-Around Compatibility, Access to Multiple Streaming Audios
    Equipped with a 4.1 Bluetooth chip, all devices, including cellphones, tablets and computers can smoothly achieve playing functions through Bluetooth. It can also be used via a wired connection of 3.5 mm interface audio cables under zero power consumption.

    Search Channels with One Key, Listen Together around the Globe!
    With an embedded spiral antenna, it can automatically search local public broadcasting stations with all frequency bands around the globe.

    Powerful Hearing and Talking Functions, Enjoy 100+ Intelligent Interactive Experiences
    Compatible with AI voice assistants in iOS and Android, it can transmit voice commands to users’ phone via the BH3 built-in microphone.

    Dynamic Equalization, Clear Communication!
    Equipped with the QuietCommunication2 acoustic equalization system with machine learning ability, it can better adjust background noise based on the actual surrounding environment. Within different environments, it can provide you relatively clear communicating effects.

    Friend of Time
    With the 500mAh power battery, it can last for up to 20 hours. What’s more, it can be charged above 80% of total battery volume within 30 minutes. It can also support battery volume indicators within multiple devices, such as iPhones and iPads.