Standard Voltage: 220V

Size: 153mm*105mm*28mm

SKU: R-157

Product Name: Dual Output Electric Massager Stimulator

Power: USB Power Supply Or AAA Battery

Plug Type: EU Plug

Origin: CN(Origin)

Massage Time: Adjustable

Massage Mode: 12 Modes

Intensity: 20 Levels(Adjustable)

Function 3: Body Shape,Lose Weight

Function 2: Pain Relief

Function 1: Promote Blood Circulation

Color: White/Silver

Brand Name: OPSLEA

Battery: Not Included AAA Battery

Application: Body

Adapter: US/EU Adapter


Why do you need this digital therapy machine massager?

The ems massager combined with a large number of clinical practice and adopted the modern microcomputer control technology

This electronic pulse massager has distinct lenitive therapy function for the symptom of cervical spondyosis, periarthritis humeroscapularis, arthritis, strain of lumbar muscles and etc, and it can alleviate peripheral nerve paralysis effectively. In addition, this tens acupuncture massager can bring flexible massage for the whole body due to electrode pads, thus it is very useful to dissipate fatigue, alleviate myalgia and promote blood circulation.

Scope of Application:

Stiff shoulder, neuralgia, abdominal pain, sore legs, decreased immunity, general fatigue, stomach pain, severe cold, frozen shoulder, toothache, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, weight loss, insomnia, loss of energy, irregular menstruation, etc. Acute and chronic illnesses.

Specifications :   

Power Supply: DC 6V        

Current: 500mA        

Frequency: 1-50Hz        

Power: ≤3W        

Pulse intensity: 20 levels

Battery: Not Included AAA Battery

Color: White/Silver

Operating Instructions:

1.Gently Open the cell box, put four pieces of 1.5V batteries into physiotherapy massager, and close the cell box. (6V power adaptor can be also applied)

2.Stick the electrode pads onto appropriate parts of the body that need to be massaged, and then connect conducting wire with electrode pads correctly.(Note: 2 electrode pads / 4 electrode pads must be connected at the same time)

3.Open the on-off button of the meridian massager, and the sketch of the working mode under manual's procedure will display on the screen. You may choose different therapy modes ( Press, Knead, Vibrate and Thump) just according to your personal preference.

4.The therapy speed and intensity of the ems electrostimulator can be adjusted flexibly, you can tune the intensity knob of the ems muscle stimulator from lower to higher.

5.You can also press the button ARM", "JOINT", "FEET", "SHOULDER", "WAIST" AND "LEG" to choose different parts of therapy.

6.Default working time of the physiotherapy apparatus is thirty minute, and the Muscle Therapy Stimulation will automatically stop once it continually works for thirty minutes. The therapy massage also has five-second self-checking function, and the tens acupuncture machine will cut off once removing the electrode pads from the skin within five seconds automatically.

7.Its double-channel system can make two persons to use it at the same time, and the intensity & time can be adjusted separately.

8.When stopping the body massage, please turn the power off through switching the on-off button, and reset the power switch once it needs to be worked again.


•Never use the machine together with the following medical appliances, such as pulse regulator, artificial cardiac pacemaker, and electrocardiograph machine.

•Don't put the electrode pads onto the point or precordial region, carotid and the waist of pregnant woman.

•Seriously sick people should consult doctors before using this machine.

•It's not allowed to dismantle, repair or rebuild the machine.

•Don't touch the electrode pads with metal substance, such as strap, watch, necklace and etc when the machine is working.

•Don't use the machine when you feel uncomfortable or skin irritation appears.

•Don't use the machine under wet conditions, such as bathroom.

Package Include:(AAA Batteries not included, no retail box)

* Tens Massager*1

* Electrode pads*10(5 pairs)

* USB Cable*1

* Power Adapter (US /EU)*1

* English User Manual*1

* Connecting cable*2 (2-way)


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